Gambiet: Bicycle designs, Brooks saddles, good (dynamo) lighting etc.: Contact information

For orders or to make an appointment to visit, please email or phone:

 Correspondence address:
   Dorpsstraat 48
   2451 AR  Leimuiden

 Adress for test rides or picking up saddles/lighting):
   Karel Doormanstraat 79
   Alphen aan den Rijn

You can visit by appointment only... So email/phone first if you want to, say, testride a saddle.

 •Of most leather saddle types there's a used one available for testrides.
 •Bicycle lighting can be demonstrated in the evening.
   My mobile phone no.: 0642668257
   My mobile phone no., from outside the Netherlands: +31 642668257

 For Skype send me an email and I'll give my Skype name.
 (English / Nederlands / Deutsch / Скоро по-русски / Mon Francais n'est pas tres bon!).