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We usually only list parts we tested and that are of good quality. Usually we also have to like the parts (how it looks, feels, whatever) but exceptions are made for this... This means: No gel saddles, no bike locks that are easy to cut through, so no cable locks and no plug-in cables for ring locks (steel shear cutters go through cables as through butter; chains are much tougher and hardened, each link is as hard as the steel shear cutters that bad elements try to crack them with), no halogen lighting because you can't see anything with it on unlit roads, no pumps that are unable to pump a tyre to 4 bar, etc. But we can supply SON28 hubs or Edelux II headlamps, even though I don't like them, but they are of good quality :)

Also, this website aims to be informative at all times, so no marketing blurbs from any company can be found here for any product to describe/recommend it. Descriptions/reviews are all self-written from a critical consumer's point of view. Despite low prices (in particular Brooks' recommended retail prices are now so high that their products have become a luxury item, which they shouldn't be), this is not a web-only webshop that only aims to sell as much as possible... (if you live in NL, you can come round, testride Brooks/Lepper saddles, etc.)

My (proprietor of Gambiet) major annoyance with shops, is lack of knowledge (I usually know more than anyone in a shop just by looking through magazines and catalogues), non-critical attitude (is this a good pump? To which the answer usually is "Sure it is!", but when you get home you find out you can't inflate a tyre to 4 bar without ridiculous effort...), and with webshops in particular the often abysmally small pictures (and of course almost no proper advice). So, none of that on this website.

What we don't supply

Anything of which one of the distributors that don't behave properly are exclusive distributors of, and products, as described above, that just aren't any good.

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