Bicycle parts: lighting

As with the other loose bicycle products we sell: we generally only sell what we like and what we tested. So we will not sell halogen headlamps for example as these are useless on unlit or poorly lit roads.

To help you decide on what is right for you

If you need advice on what to buy: For any product, click on the name to go to the page with my experiences with it, and much more.

Stock indication

Everything is either in stock or can be delivered within a few days via a distributor (unless otherwise noted).


Postage is $32 for destinations to outside EU, EUR 14.65 for within EU, EUR 7,- for within NL. I keep postage price fixed at that, so if you want to combine purchases of saddles and/or lights or dynamos, postage stays the same.

For small items (e.g. a single taillamp) cheaper postage options are available. Just send an email with what you are interested in to enquire.

Pick up and try out

You can also pick up orders of course, if you live in NL and want to come round (or even if on holiday here, but note if you are from outside EU and pick up an order, payment has to be including VAT then).

Demonstration of bicycle lighting is possible on appointment in the evening. You can also try out various of the saddles that I reviewed. For more details see here: Ordering, postage, taxes etc.

Prices: in $ and €

Prices in EURO are for customers within the EU and include VAT (sales tax). Prices in US$ are for customers outside the EU and do not include VAT.

If you want to order, select the item or items from this and other sales pages and send me an email. Not everything I can supply is listed here, jsut the stuff that I recommend most of all, for various reasons:

New: Spanninga/Philips Headlamps and taillamps

Based on Philips' designs, most bad points have been removed and the beam of the headlamps is a little better:
- Axendo 40 with auto on/off EUR 25,- / $24,- (2 days)

- Axendo 60 with auto on/off EUR 52,- / $51,- (in stock)

- Elips: EUR 15,- / $14,- (In stock 50 mm bolt distance)

Headlamps with LiIon battery:
- Axendo 40 with rechargeable battery: EUR 42,- / $41,- (2 days)

- Axendo 60 with rechargeable battery: EUR 52,- / $51,- (end of October)

Taillamps on battery:
- Elips with 2x AA batteries: EUR 16,- / $15,- (2 days 80 mm bolt distance, 50mm end of November...)

For ebikes (up to 36V): Axendo 40/60/80 XE and Elips XE for ebike (2 days).

Light kits with dynamo hub:

Combination: Axendo 60 with auto on/off + Elips + SP PV-8/PD-8 (32/36 spokes black or silver) or Shimano XT DHT8003 (32 or 36 spokes black): EUR 155,- / $145,-

Shimano XT DHT8003: Available now in 32 and 36 spokes black: EUR 92,- / $85
Shimano's latest dynamo hub, suitable for disc brake, fairly low weight at ca. 510g and the advantage is that DIY bearing overhaul with Shimano hubs is possible (though I haven't tried it with this one yet, more to come on this hub in possibly April-June 2017).

3. Headlamp with dual taillamp:

Combination offer: Luxos U headlamp with USB power output + Spanninga Solo taillamp + cable to taillamp + splitter cable for 2nd taillamp + Secula fender or seatpost mounted taillamp: $185,- / €195,- (+ postage)

Head lamps

Rear lamps

Non-cutoff headlamps

Dynamos and dynamo hubs

Complete wheels with dynamo hubs

You can build a wheel yourself even without expensive equipment with a little effort, I will write about this soon. With spoke tensiometer and nothing else it's easy, but you can also take a dynamo hub to your local bike shop, and they can spoke it in for you for about €25 cost, excluding parts, i.e. about €20 for stainless spokes (€25 for black stainless) and of course the rim.

My supplier doesn't have the rim I like any more, need to see what to do...

Cables, dual strand

Dual strand cables to connect the taillamp to the headlamp:


After emailing you will get an email with payment instructions for bank transfer or a paypal invoice as per your indicated preference. You can always revise an order of course after this, just send an email then.

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