mmbeeb: MultiMediaCard interface and software for the BBC computer

MMC utilities for windows

Beebem dll

mmbeeb.dll (source: mmbeeb.dll source code, C).

This library is for use with BeebEm, and allows the dfs09mmb.rom to be used in the emulator.
The dll was compiled using the free Open Watcom C/C++ compiler.
The dll is placed in the BeebEm “Hardware” folder and selected as a “Model B Floppy Controller” (Hardware menu, Model B emulation only).
An optional mmc.cfg text file placed in the BeebEm folder can state a pathname to the MMB image file, else the default is “C:\BEEB.MMB”.

MMB imager

MMBImager.exe (source: MMB Imager source code, VB6)

Written in VB6, allows creation and management of MMB image files.
(MMB files can be associated with MMB Imager, i.e. when Windows prompts for the program to open the file with, select MMB Imager.)
Double clicking on a “formatted” disk opens the disk using DFS Imager.
Standard .ssd or .img files can be dragged in or out of the image.

DFS imager

DFSImager.exe (source: DFS Imager source code, VB6)

Written in VB6, can be used with DFS image files (.img, .ssd and .dsd*), and with MMB files.
Allows files to be dragged in or out or deleted, the title and boot option to be changed, and compaction of the disk.
Also allows a DSD image to be split into two SSD images, or two SSD images to be combined into a DSD image.

Note: I placed MMB Imager and DFS Imager in the Windows System folder.
*These file types can be associated (by Windows) with DFS Imager.