Toekomst van deze tests, augustus 2013

Nog te vertalen naar NL:

In August 2013 I will start a long bicycle trip on which I will test various components and ideas, such as a Brooks B17 select saddle with imperial-swallow modification to see how the leather of the "select" line holds up after a long time/distance (more than 5000km), various bicycle lighting, and more, as you can see here:

bicycle trip starting in August 2013

I will update that page with experiences while on my trip I hope, if I have enough time during the trip with WiFi access, otherwise only small updates and anything more after the trip.

But this trip will also serve as some time away from my site, and from bicycle parts testing and selling. As you know from reading this site, I don't write reviews to sell, I sell what I like, because I feel I want to stand behind all products I sell. This means for leather saddles I still sell almost all Brooks and Lepper saddles (when I can get hold of Lepper saddles, supply is a big problem), even if I dislike a saddle for how it feels, because saddles that don't work for me can work for others as noted in my reviews. So for saddles the only reason not to sell something is if I think it's way overpriced or if it's of bad quality. For lighting and other products preferences and physiological differences are less of an issue than with saddles, and bad points are always bad points, so there I don't sell stuff that I think is poor.

But buyers want things often for non rational reasons, for feelings, how it looks, what they think it works like instead of what it really works like. Few people are fully rational about why they want something... Not offering those things means I'm not commercially inclined enough I suppose. But I want to stay that way. However, the tests of saddles and lighting take so much work and time that I need to change something, as it's just not economically viable and it's way past a hobby. In case you wonder about the time and effort: Someone recently told me he thought this site and all the testing/selling etc. could be done in 2 hours a day: No, this is impossible! That time alone I need for email and browsing forums and websites for developments. Look at a site like for cameras where people often complain about how few reviews are done in year, and that's with a fairly large full time staff. Well, good reviews take time, in whatever area. And I take into account new saddles/lights etc. to adjust old reviews, and I update reviews with new experiences after a long time (to indicate wear, issues that pop up from staying in the rain etc.), which isn't done on dpreview...

I can see a few options:

What I want to do when continuing this site in one of these ways, is the following, which all cost a lot of money, time, effort:

I will start with putting a paypal donate button on my lighting and saddles pages, and if that doesn't work I will know soon enough I suppose :)

Let me know your thoughts...

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