Floor pumps

I haven't tested lots of floor pumps, so I can only give information on a few and say that these are pretty good:

SKS Rennkompressor

The one I have is Presta only. The advantage is that you can just stick it onto a Presta valve and it stays stuck, no pulling of levers needed to fix it... So it's really quick to use.

After 17 years, my SKS Rennkompressor's pressure gauge sometimes hangs, and the pump rubber is getting a bit loose but that doesn't mean I need to buy a new pump. All parts to fix the pump are separately available, and the SKS Rennkompressor generally is a pump that just keeps working. They've been made for 40 years or so, and I see not much reason to change. You can also get the various heads (presta only, or EVA) separately.

There might be prettier ones, and there is a case for having a slightly higher pump (where the handle is at ca. 72 cm fully compressed, with the SKS Rennkompressor it is about 65 cm which means slightly bending over), and there's also a case for a higher placed pressure gauge to make it easier to read, but a higher placed pressure gauge is also vulnerable in case the pump falls over...

The hose on my 1992 pump is quite short, but newer models have longer hoses which are a lot easier to use because of that (as you don't need to turn the wheel any more to get the valve low enough).

Rating: 8/10


Profile is a dutch brand for bike shops, which have some own branded stuff such as the pump here.

Hose is of a good length, the pressure can be easily read, I quite like having the pressure gauge on top, and after many years it still works. The pump is fairly light being made of aluminium and plastic and therefore also doesn't have the tendency to fall over which the Rennkompressor does have.

Rating: 8/10

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