Gambiet: Good quality bicycle parts, such as leather saddles and proper lighting, consulting for bicycle lighting rules (StVZO/BS): Contact information

For orders or to make an appointment to visit (for testriding with saddles/bicycle lightings for those living here in NL or visiting NL), or to discuss hiring me to consult on bicycle lighting rules (I can provide a translation of StVZO/TA, interpretation to clarify unclearly written passages and how to get around some issues in StVZO, along with a complete analysis of everything related to bicycle lighting in StVZO/TA, help with approval process etc.), please email or phone:


   Chamber of commerce the Hague: 28073626
   Dorpsstraat 48
   2451 AR  Leimuiden

You can visit by appointment only... So email/phone first if you want to, say, testride a saddle.

 •Of most leather saddle types there's a used one available for testrides.
 •Bicycle lighting demo-evenings can be arranged if there's enough interest.
 (there are a lot of unlit roads perfect for demonstration of headlamps/taillamps
  just a few minutes away. Dynamo hubs can be shown anytime of course incl. vibration

 Telephone / telegram:
 Mobile: 0642668257
 Mobile, from outside the Netherlands: +31 642668257

Note: If you are from outside the EU, and you want to pick up an order while on holiday in NL, then I need to charge EU (incl. VAT) prices...

   gambietfietsen @ .
 (Nederlands / Deutsch / English / По-русски / Francais (mais, mon Francais n'est pas tres bon!) )