Various products

Stainless steel key ring + leather key fob

- Stainless steel keyring (from 1.8mm stainless steel wire), diameter ca. 25mm, and leather key fob in black/brown/honey/dark green (available colours vary, so ask if interested, you can request a shape too): €8,- / $8,-


Tour pro kork 135mm: EUR 15,-

These are really comfortable, my preferred grips now... Review soon to come on my site.

Bottle cages

Aluminium with honey leather: EUR 30,-

Aluminium with brown leather: EUR 30,-

Tyre patches

- Simson super sport: $8,- / €6,- (in stock)
Contains: patches, glue, 2 tyre levers, sanding paper, Schraeder- and Presta to Dunlop converters (to be able to pump them up with a standard pump for Dunlop valves (but also for Presta so the Schraeder converter allows you to pump a tyre with Schraeder valve using a pump that has a head for Presta valves).


- Kickstand: Pletscher, rear fork mount: $30,- / €25,- (2 days)
- Kickstand: Pletscher, centre mount: $18,- / €15,- (2 days)


Just send an email with what you want and I'll send payment details or a paypal invoice: Email.

You can also pick up stuff if you are in the Netherlands. Demonstration of bicycle lighting is possible on appointment in the evening. You can also try out various of the pumps and saddles that I reviewed. For more details see here: Ordering, postage, taxes etc.

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