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1 How to order

Note: If you live in the Netherlands you can come round and pick up what you want.

Test rides on Brooks/Lepper saddles

I offer a consultation with test rides, and advice of which saddles might be best depending on how you describe what it feels like to ride with the saddles. This can take some time, you should take 1 or 2 hours time. For this I charge EUR 25,- or no fee if you buy a Brooks saddle, or deductible in case you buy a saddle at a later date. If you need/want no advice, then I can let you do it all yourself, no fee, you can just try out the saddles you want. Bring your own bike and tools to change the saddles etc. then.

You can try out almost all of the Brooks saddles to try out and compare and some of Lepper too:

Team professional, B17, B17 narrow, B17 Imperial, Swallow, Swift, B68, Lepper Voyager, Lepper voyager Lounger, and more:

(Also possible but not shown: Colt, B17S (ladies' saddle for travel/touring and/or city bikes), B68S (ladies' saddle for city bikes))
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Note despite what some people say, a test ride on a leather saddle DOES make sense. That you may have a different sit bone width from the one who broke in the saddle doesn't matter all that much, because the process of breaking-in makes the saddle only a little more comfortable around the sitbone area. For some people this is important for good support for long duration rides so the skin doesn't get irritated around the sitbones, but that's not an issue you can find out about (I mean whether a leather saddle solves this problem that some people have) on a short test ride. If a leather saddle seems like it will not work for you on a short ride, for whatever reason, then it barely matters that the saddle was broken in by somebody else (except in case of excessive indentation), then it will probably not work for you... You can feel the essentials of the leather saddle quickly, such as that it doesn't get hot while riding on it, you can feel the way the shape of the top is too wide or too narrow for your sit bones and riding style, the way the angle of the saddle needs to be adjusted to sit comfortably (or perhaps never) as with the Swift, etc.

2 Details

2.1 Payment options

2.2 Postage options/cost

To simplify matters, we have a few standard rates for registered packages, which include costs for packaging materials, using TNT.

Note that I can't provide as low postage cost as larger mail-order companies can. They have some sort of deal with DHL or UPS. For example using DHL to send a express package to Indonesia for $20. When I tried DHL's price calculator it came about €100 so these larger companies have a deal going for prices that are massively lower than for smaller volume customers. For small volume DHL and UPS are unacceptably expensive.

Larger items, in particular saddles, trackable packages:

Duration depends on the destination country, ca. 2-4 working (business) days for most countries in Western Europe, up to 14 working days to outside the EU. USA should take 4-8 working days, but seems to take about 8 working days in most cases, sometimes a bit more due to festive days (such as Christmas) etc.

Small and thin items, that weigh less than 500g such as bar tape (taken out of the packaging), signed-for:

Standard signed-for is not trackable via www, and if a package has been delayed there's no information about it without having TNT investigate this. Long delays are rare but do happen. To find out what has happened takes paperwork filed with TNT, and my effort. I will not do this until a package has been delayed for more than 2 weeks (past the time it should have arrived according to TNT's estimates) as there are lots of reasons a delay might happen, including being held by customs. If you don't like this, the only other option is a trackable package as above.

2.3 Import duty, taxes in countries outside the EU

USA customers: We asked many buyers but we've never had report yet of having to pay import duty/sales tax. Should you get hit with it, it appears to be (information from US customs website) 8% of the value for leather saddles. I.e. for a saddle of $200 that would be $16. All in all this still makes us one of the cheapest sources of quality saddles, while we believe our experience, and thus being able to advise on (not just!) leather saddles, is much better than just about any other bike shop...

Other countries are usually much more strict. There could be import duty and sales tax. You will have to look up on your country's website how much that is and/or up to which price an item is exempt from import duty.

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