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Postage is $32 for destinations to outside EU, EUR 14.65 for within EU, EUR 7,- for within NL. I keep postage price fixed at that, so if you want to combine purchases of saddles and/or lights or dynamos, postage stays the same.

For small items (e.g. a single taillamp) cheaper postage options are available. Just send an email with what you are interested in to enquire.

Pick up and try out

You can also pick up orders of course, if you live in NL and want to come round (or even if on holiday here, but note if you are from outside EU and pick up an order, payment has to be including VAT then).

Demonstration of bicycle lighting is possible on appointment in the evening. You can also try out various of the saddles that I reviewed. For more details see here: Ordering, postage, taxes etc.

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Notes about variations in leather saddles

Note that leather saddles are all handmade and thus there are variations in leather thickness, in how the leather is cut and even things like the grain of leather and how it changes can be seen in some saddles (the lighter the colour the more you see it).

On Brooks saddles the logo is often not placed entirely straight either. These are things you need to accept on such saddles, otherwise buy a plastic saddle.

I noted some problems I had with carriages on the saddle test page, and these are unacceptable to me, but the other 'issues' are simply part of what you get when buying a leather saddle. But if it's important to you, I have on some occasions made pictures of several saddles in case I had multiple in stock, so a buyer could choose which he preferred...

If you want to order, fill in the following, select the items (if more than one items for one of them, just add a note at the end of the page), and send the order (bottom of the page). To combine an order with that of lights/dynamos, also send an order from the bike lighting page and they will be combined:

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Note: For any saddles or colours not listed, send an email. I can usually supply them.

Special offers

B17 narrow imperial brown: €85,- / $85,- incl. saddle cover (only 1 left)
B17 narrow honey or black: €75,- / $75,- incl. saddle cover
B17 narrow black + matching bar tape: €110,- / $115,- incl. saddle cover
B17 brown + D-shaped saddle bag brown: €145,- / $150,- incl. saddle cover
D-shaped saddle bag brown: $70,- / €70,- (only 1)

Race/tour/trekking saddles and accessories

Brooks: Swallow

Brooks: Swift

Brooks: Team professional

Brooks: B17

If you would like a B17 or B17 special or B17 select with Imperial cutout & lacing, see Saddle modifications

Brooks: B17 narrow

Brooks: B17 Imperial

Brooks: B17 narrow Imperial

Note: As of mid/late 2009, most Imperials no longer came with 3 extra coloured laces for some time, but as of Spring 2011 they are equipped again with the extra laces. I read somewhere that someone from Brooks noticed almost no one used those extra laces, so I guess that's why they were no longer included for a while? Btw., any 75 cm long laces from a shoe shop wil do..

Brooks: Flyer

The Flyer is a B17 with springs. I think the springs in the Flyer are too hard (you could just as well use the B17), but some people think they work:

Ladies' versions (such as Finesse, B17S) of all saddles (where available) are the same price as the men's versions.

City bike saddles

Brooks: B68

Ladies city bike saddle B68 S

No longer made by Brooks...

Brooks: B67

As the B68 is no longer produced this will be the only city bike option (from Brooks at least, and except for the very expensive B18)...

Leather bar tape

Leather mudflaps

Saddle bags

Baskets/bags, panniers

See this page (Brooks Hoxton, Camden, Brick lane, Soho, Islington, Hampstead etc.)

What we don't normally stock, but can be ordered

  1. Brooks Flyer: The Flyers are in my view useless versions of the B17, because the springs are too hard and don't give any comfort improvement over a B17. [ possibly useful for heavier cyclists? (say 100kg and more) though some customers lighter than me feel it does offer a better ride than the B17, hmm. ]
  2. Brooks B66/B66S, B67/B67S: These are useless (yes, yes, in my view :)) saddle types because the springs are too hard and don't give any comfort improvement over a B68. Get a B68 (men's saddle) or B68S (ladies' saddle) instead, which is just as comfortable and a lot lighter. [ possibly useful for heavier cyclists? (say 100kg and more) ]
    Note: Before 1999 the B66 had soft springs. The B67 was introduced in 2001 and always had hard springs. The B66/B66S cannot be mounted directly on a patent seatpost which is why this is a saddle we don't recommend for that reason as well.
  3. Brooks B33 and B130/B190: These are suitable for city- or slow touring bikes and listed as 'heavy duty saddles' by Brooks. We don't have experience with them... But still we would suggest a B68 with a cheap sprung seatpost is probably at least as comfortable and a lot lighter. We may change this if there's serious interest in these saddles (there's been none so far).
  4. Brooks aged saddles: We are not convinced of the use of aged versions of various saddles (B17, Flyer, B68) and will therefore not stock them. This also means the aged versions of saddle bags and grips will not be stocked!

More information about these issues can be found on the saddle experiences and recommendation page.

Saddle maintenance kit/Proofide/cover

Saddle modifications

As Brooks currently don't want to make other versions of the B17 Imperial/B17 narrow Imperial (so no B17 Imperial titanium, and no black carriage instead of chrome), we offer a modification service:

Imperial cutout + lacing applied to a B17-titanium, B17 standard, B17 special, B17 select, B17 narrow: $36,- / €30,-
This can be done as follows:
  1. The cutout precisely as the Imperials from Brooks
  2. Making the cutout slightly wider on the front (a few millimetres). The latter I would suggest is preferable, as in long term use (several thousand km) the slot on a B17 Imperial gets a bit narrower, and so much so that it just makes the saddle just a little bit less good than it could be.

Here's a B17 special honey, modified with just cutout (I only recommend this for lightweight riders, although you can always drill holes for the lacing if necessary afterwards of course):

Here's a B17 standard honey (much darker than the honeys I get from Brooks, I have no idea how that came to be; This saddle was brought to me to be modified):

And here is a larger version of the first image.

Here's a B17 titanium with Imperial modification:

Imperial modification for a Team professional: $36,- / €36,-

Lacing a Swift: $15,- / € 15,-

See lacing a Swift.

B17 swallowised + imperialising: $48,- / € 48,- (add this to the price of the saddle you want, which can be any B17: B17 standard, B17 special, B17 select. The modification can also be applied to a B17 you already have if you want to send that in)

See for experiences Modification: B17 special imperial swallow.

Swallow modification for a Team professional: $33,- / €30,-
See mod_team_pro_swallow

Swallow-imperial modification for a Team professional: $44,- / €40,-
See mod_team_pro_swallow_imperial

Cutout only modification for a Team professional: $22,- / €20,-
See mod_team_pro_cutout


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