Bicycle pumps

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- Quickex Quicker pro: With a clip for under the bottle cage: $35 / €30,- (Out of stock).

Achievable pressure: more than 8.45 bar for a man. Mass: 200g (complete with clip). Only 1 bottlecage holder is included with a pump with that mounting method these days. It works and I find the only disadvantage is that the bottle cage is not parallel to the frame. Often it doesn't jump out at you, but if it bothers you just use a few washers as a spacer.

- Quickex Quicker pro: With a new mounting system that enables you to mount the pump almost anywhere. $35 / €30,- (Out of stock).

Achievable pressure: more than 8.45 bar for a man. Mass: 200g (complete with mount). It won't work for oversized tubes (circumference ca. 15 cm for example, i.e. ∅ ca. 4.8 cm). I tried 13 cm circumference (∅ 4.2cm) which works well, and the maximum that works is 14.5 cm (∅ 4.6cm).

Everyone who bought a Quicker pro is enthousiastic about it...

- SKS Rennkompressor$60,- / €50,- (Out of stock)

The well known pump that's been made for about 40 years. They will last decades (and spare parts are available). Easily reaches 8 bar and more. The standard pump for track cycling for tyres that are pumped to 10 bar and more. Has a fairly long hose nowadays.


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