Projects: book 1 (On the thinking of women vs. men, humour, philosophy), book 2 (a critical psychological analysis of people and society related to manipulation), and book 3 (a critical sociological analysis of western society)

Goal to get the books done in editing: Due to circumstances, delayed, but end of 2020 all 3 books should be ready. Still looking for the best way to publish...

Note that a lot of the analytics that I apply to people, I did long before I analysed the topics in these books, you can find some of it here: Criticism (where I analyse the behaviour of people on forums, and some books, and much more etc.).

In these books I connect logic, physics, psychology, esoteric topics, religion, to give a proper way to deal with people and society. I give answers to questions that may seem hard to answer, I show what makes sense and what doesn't, in what people do and want. I show how to properly understand other people, better than any psychologist...

Short summaries

Before reading a bit more you should know that in my criticism I am harsh where and when it is needed. This means being harsh about incompetent or manipulative people. Being harsh were needed is an aspect of life that is very important, it is essential in the relations between men and women to know this, and it is very important in the structure of society. I deal with all that in books 2 and 3 in which I show why the directions of change in previous societies were poor from people not being aware enough but that in current society it is just as bad, a dead-end, also from not being aware enough, i.e. from not understanding life. What is needed is a way to look beyond simplistic views of people, and to go beyond the simplistic puppet show of politics. I don't deal with anything from an esoteric viewpoint, I reason about everything to show what makes sense and what doesn't.

Summary: Book 1 (On the thinking of women vs. men, humour, philosophy)

Book 1 is philosophical and humorous. This is about life, philosophy, unusual humour and the different behaviour and interests of men and women, which can be explained largely by some simple axioms on the different way of thinking of men and women, how to really understand women as a man (which is hard), and how to understand men as a woman (which is a lot easier!), religion, the meaning of life (which is important to understand and analyse religion), I deal with analysis (of any topic) and with the essence of learning and teaching, I discuss old Soviet films, languages and personality of people in different countries and whether languages are a sign of, or also an influence on the personality of people (similar to how a very different language such as Chinese results in or can result in different philosophical thoughts). I show how to e more aware by thinking about your thinking, and I show how to emulate the thinking of other people. I use my own experiences in this book, and lots of discussions of these topics with mostly women, to illustrate the analysis of all these topics and views of men vs. views of women. In the course of this book I will deal with important questions such as "What is the connection between Yogananda's book 'Autobiography of a yogi' and the book 'The secret'?", "What is the primary necessity of life?" (with an unexpected answer!) and "Do grasshoppers ever get tired?" ;-) I'm still thinking about the title but it will be unusual! (just like the humour that is a large part of the book).

I'm thinking about getting the book completely translated into Russian when I'm finished and then distributing that version freely as I feel in Russia and Ukraine many people could use the guidance and information on how to see life in a different light.

Summary: Book 2 (a critical psychological analysis of people and society)

Book 2 is critical and psychological. This is a psychological analysis of people and society. It came about from my experiences of seeing influences from advertising and manipulation by psychopaths and other manipulators who abuse the possibilities and rules in society, from which I saw the problem in society of structures which make it that people act as psychopaths. But large scale 'universal manipulation' also became clear and the analysis of that, why exactly it happened, turned into book 3.

I show ways in which you are being manipulated by esp. media, politicians, advertisements, and how to counter it to make yourself almost manipulation resistant (btw., the issue of manipulation was made worse a few years ago by removal of search results from search engines by people requesting certain results are removed, which is made possible by an insane EU law and is abused by people who do stupid or criminal things and don't want searches to show this) and how to prevent it.

This book deals with psychopaths (people without empathy), is about how to get to the truth, about the ineptitude of psychologists and what this has caused in society. I give an example analysis of several well known books to illustrate that psychologists don't really understand people (e.g. Cialdini's "Influence, science and practice"), and of books that are about self-help but are in fact manipulative (such as Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people" and Covey's "7 habits of highly effective people").
I give examples of types of manipulation through the ages, for example admiral Michiel de Ruyter from Dutch history, and from recent history various politicians and leaders of companies.
I show how to analyse people by emulating their thoughts which is possible using yourself as a template and correcting for the differences of other people (to you). I can emulate autists for example, as I will show. I tell how to deal with various situations in life, and as I mentioned how to get to the truth (what is real and what is made up? How to determine this?), how to correctly argue (which goes against what is taught in courses on 'proper arguing' as simple logic does NOT apply to standard human reasoning; doing so simply illustrates that those people do not understand the facts, nor the issues of context and complexity, and much more). I also show how to analyse society (e.g. do you know why some countries have veto powers in the UN?), how to analyse yourself. In this book too I use my analysis of experiences in life, and of analysing myself and those other people, to show how you can understand other people. E.g. Some years ago about an advertisement for a certain liquorice on TV commercials, I said when I saw it when visiting my sister: I've seen that ad on TV for many years, and I've never bought any! Ads don't influence me at all, and in case I want to try something new, I look in the supermarket at what may seem interesting, different, tasty, by looking at the description and then the ingredients. For tools or hobbies, I base my buying on reviews and my estimation on how well each choice will perform. I sometimes feel the influence of some ads which means again they don't influence because I'm aware of it (similarly I am aware of why I buy something, so there are no subconscious influences), but though they don't influence me such ads annoy me! People who try to manipulate me also annoy me, and I will give some examples in book 1 as part of showing how to analyse, but I do it more in book 2. Being advertising-resistant is partly due I think to what my mother told us (me and my sister) when we were little, but also an important part is my questioning nature... I have selected a title for this book, which is unusual and funny but also descriptive of the problems...

A small part of this book, is one that is fit for book 3 (which I originally didn't conceive but which came later due to expansion of certain topics), and of which I only deal with the essence here of the relation between certain economic ideas to stability of society. This is related to the main topic of manipulation and of analysis by virtue of how esp. the USA export their 'philosophies' of economy.

All these topics require finding out the truth, about how people think, about what is needed to analyse situations (and ditto on what is needed to analyse devices), and to extract the truth from what people tell you which is different from what they tell you, and that may be different to what they actually believe even if they tell you their 'real views' (which are not their real views but influenced by how they want to portray themselves to the outside). To interpret what people say, and to know what is needed in analysis is a very important part of life that few people really understand. E.g. the essence of science is general analysis, not measurements!

Summary: Book 3 (a critical sociological analysis of western society)

Book 3 is critical and sociological. This is a critical look at the current state of western society, the topics of which I started partially for book 2 but later split off. So it arose from:
- the principles that I determined in book 1 (differences between men and women, the meaning of life, and the essence of religion),
- From book 2: proper psychological analysis (how to analyse and understand people)
- the effects and instances of manipulation that I noticed while writing book 2 (problems in society from rules and structures in society, and an analysis of anti-social behaviour which turned out works together with those rules and structures to create certain problems).

Manipulation has been ongoing on a grand scale from lots of interest groups and the government since the mid 1980s at least, and has grown to be a huge problem, with esp. the media being mostly puppets for certain directions of manipulation. This was clearly coming no matter what, due to the structure of western society. And that origin lies in a far earlier era than you likely think (not the 1960s, not even the 1930s, but far earlier)...

The removal of search results made possible by an inane EU law was perhaps the forerunner. I don't know exactly when censorship on sites such as twitter and facebook started but what I've seen about this in 2020 is insane, and on youtube it's getting close to that. [ Note that I don't have a twitter nor facebook page/login ] Further the manipulation in the mainstream media in the USA in 2020 is quite insane, but manipulation has been going on everywhere on a grand scale for many years in most countries. In Russia there is the state controlled TV with WW2 propaganda type BS about e.g. the problems in eastern Ukraine (that Russia to a very large part created), in western Europe and the USA there is a form of self-censorship towards insanity going on.

I've seen many comments in various places, such as accompanying youtube videos, that show that various people notice what I see and express that they don't like the views being forced upon us, and don't agree with them, but they invariably don't understand the origins, the connections and the actual meaning of the things which they don't like, and they don't see the essential issues in the right light. Often they see the same facts in the opposite of what is actually the case. E.g. there is no 'splitting' of men and women into different camps, but a manipulation into being similar, into thinking in an equal manner. People bring up 'the Frankfurt school' or Rousseau's theory of people born a blank slate as being (part of) a reason for political correctness and the SJW phenomenon, but these are irrelevant as I will show. Also the exposition by Yuri Bezmenov (alias after defecting to the USA: Tomas Schuman) of manipulation is not really relevant. He makes a good point in a lecture about equality in people not existing, this is something I also deal with in my analysis. But as with the former 2 points, Bezmenov's exposition is not important and doesn't tell why we got at the situation where we are today. I will show that we would have arrived at the current situation because of 2 essential bases (and faults) of society, that have not been corrected and in analysing the real causes I show that the origins of the problems lie far farther back in the past as I mentioned.

In this analysis I further discuss the connection between people with conspiracy theories regarding the issue of why people in media and government are indoctrinating 'their' people. It happens but not for the reasons that such people who notice it believe in, the truth is very simple and is related to the ego and status of the politicians and of the people working in media. Disagreeing with some issues that goverments and other groups push onto them, expands with many of these people into having conspiracy theories about the government in other areas. Many such seemingly critical people I classify as anti-social because they argue towards their wishes, not towards what makes sense, and also important is that they don't listen to rational arguments, acting just like the anti-social manipulators whom I expose in book 2. In this book I criticise psychologists and sociologists even more than in book 2, these people are just criminally incompetent!
Another aspect that I analyse, to dispell some myths about society and politics, is the evolution of societies. I do this by going through a sort of emulation of people's thinking to show "what will happen" and then analyse it all in a more rigorous manner. I analyse politics, why there is left and right and that other streams are mostly irrelevant. I can simulate in my head how society will evolve from certain principles and this shows exactly why things are the way they are. I describe this thought process about various topics.
Another example of this is economics. Economics, like psychology and sociology, is not a proper science. It consists of some of the most stupid people I have ever seen, and worse than with psychology and sociology, these people have big destructive power esp. because of the USA implementing various of their inane capitalistic ideas by suggesting them to other countries, or by outright manipulating of other countries, with various forms of 'persuasion' such as military power. One moron of note is Milton Friedman and his view of complete deregulation of economies, which is just dementedly stupid (I describe why this is so with simple reasoning that anyone can understand). There are many followers of such ideas who have had a clear destructive influence, esp. those who wanted to implement them with a shock doctrine (or at a time of societal 'shock'/destabilisation). But not in their own country, no, they experimented in and with other countries.... I will go into some of the stupidity of such people by again using analysis to simulate what will happen when you implement certain economic structures, and thus by simulating how people behave. I will deal with game theory too, such as the ludicrously stupid equilibrium idea of selfish actions. I already dealt with this topic of game theory as part of simulating how people behave, and thus to understand people, in book 1 and book 2, but here I dive into it a bit deeper, esp. the larger consequences for society, and in how such ideas may be implemented in a useful manner contrary to what economists do.

Sample of book 1

Available now, a new version with preliminary table of contents. Email me for the new sample (2020-1-1, html, I can make a pdf if desired).

Sample of book 2

To come soon.

Sample of book 3

To come after book 1 and 2 are finished.


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