Travelling: Ukraine

On youtube with a music video I read a comment, several years ago, about Ukraine, that it has "the coolness of Russia, without the cold". Funny, but of course Russian-coolness pre-Crimea invasion... Summers in Ukraine are hot which I like, winters are cold with lots of snow which I like, it has cool old style buildings, some of the soviet buildings are not bad, the tile art-work on flats, bus stops, is interesting, the food is good (e.g. vareniki with cottage cheese and sour cream, or pancakes with cheese and raisins to name just 2), some Ukrainian tea brands make my favourite teas, I like various Ukrainian popular and folk music, folk costumes are cool, and more. What's not to like are for example treatment of animals and people who have money showing it off. I also don't like the ridiculously expensive restaurants in Kiev for the same reason, they are for show-offs.

Pictures to be added ca. 28-29 December 2016 of trips 3-6.

Information on Ukraine: