Bicycle components tests 2 (less significant smaller scale tests)

2020-4-1: My last (planned) review will be the Pedalcell dynamo once it arrives (due to various factors a test sample hasn't been posted yet as of 2020-8-4, in case you are looking for a review of it)

Update 2020-6-7: Sunup wants to send me an F12W front wheel dynamo to review. That's interesting so I will do that when it gets here and make a video about it. Review in progress since 2020-6-15...

The reason to stop doing comprehensive reviews of esp. all dynamo lighting:
I have no more interest to continue reviewing/analysing bike stuff except for things I buy only for myself to use, and I will only update my site for such reviews. The reasons are:
1. For dynamo lighting there is just about no progress in 10 years, there is barely any interest from manufacturers to make bike lamps 'great'.
2. There are other interesting things I could test and analyse related to bicycles but too few people are interested in proper reviews, they want 'entertainment' reviews.

The only way this could change is by getting paid for it in some way. But on youtube there seems very little interest in proper reviews, people want to read and see superficial rubbish, entertainment style reviews. Youtube definitely promotes superficial crap and clickbait to get money for themselves. All in all this makes me feel along with all the deplatforming (regardless of whether I agree or disagree with people, free speech is needed), it is probably better to quit my channel (WHS reviews) as well unless there come a lot more subscribers, comments, etc. to make it interesting/worthwhile despite the issues there.

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My review channel on youtube: WHS reviews. My other one is since August 2018, only about critical analysis of events/situations and the people responsible for them (some of those will be bicycle related).

Tests the way they should be done...

For suggestions on new topics or different parts to test, send me an email... What I would like to test, if I can fit it into other activities in 2019 is buying a Kindernay XIV hub, which has pushshifters instead of a rotary shifter with a Rohloff hub. [ this obviosuly didn't happen! I will consider it mid 2021. ] A rotary shifter is the main reason why I do not want a Rohloff hub, nor a bike with Pinion gearbox (I tried such a bike and the shifting was heavy going too)... I've been distracted from getting a Shimano Alfine 11 in 2017/2018 because of external issues that took my time, but also because of the bad documentation for the electronic shifting version, so I may just forget about it [ 2021-2-24: I decided against the Afline 11 in the end, as it is just too fragile. ] and get the Kindernay. Price is similar to a Rohloff hub. I've seen no real reviews yet of this hub, would you be interested to see an in depth review?

The main tests about lights, leather saddles and mini pumps are updated more frequently as these topics are still of interest despite all the tests I've already done. These smaller scale tests are of less important components and I will only update the tests here when I see something really interesting or when there is a need (such as with the grips, and the bells), or if there is specific interest by enough readers of my site, in something new (send me an email to make a suggestion).

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And not a review about any specific part, but about many:

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If there is enough support I could do e.g. a comparative review of all of Berthoud's leather saddles with the best of the Brooks saddles (esp. the B17 and Imperial, Team pro) and with bicycle lighting there are ways to go such as finally make full comparison videos with switching between lamps while riding to show the differences, and of course some more of the latest dynamo headlamps and pedelec lamps.

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