Gambiet: Sale of high quality bicycle components, reviews of various bicycle component reviews & bicycle history

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Gambiet: Sales of high quality bicycle parts

  • High quality bicycle parts. We sell leather saddles, esp. from Brooks, good bicycle lighting (SP dynamo hubs), and more.

    Sales here support my reviews, which give you the best information on bicycle lighting and leather saddles.

Reviews and various ponderings

  • Bicycle component reviews. Started out as a hobby :) You will not find reviews anywhere near as useful, complete and thorough in bicycle lighting and leather saddles anywhere else on the internet.

    The other review pages, on bicycle pumps, gear hubs, bicycle computers and more, are not as comprehensive, but still very interesting.

Scans, pictures of old bike stuff

I've not had time to add more scans and do updates, but I revived this section as I think it's interesting anyway as is. I guarantee nothing about more scans coming, these things take a lot of time!


All pictures and text made by me, except: 1. Some stock product photos, those with a pure white background (should be clear when you see them) which come from websites of manufacturers or distributors. 2. A few other types of pictures I got from a forum, manufacturer's website or from readers who sent some pictures, which I note in the text accompanying such pictures, along with a link to the original site where relevant. I use these pictures only on the non-commercial part (i.e. the reviews and explanations of technical stuff) of my website!

If you want to use any of my stuff, for non commercial purposes, that is fine if you mention that you got it from my site...


Contact me about my site: For comments about my site, my reviews etc. send me an email.

Contact me for business enquiries: If you want to buy bicyle lighting, saddles, and more, you can phone, email, or use telegram (the app).

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