Tours of facilities and interviews

2012: Philips bike lighting day, Aachen

The driving force behind this day and the person who made Philips different to deal with thatn most other companies (who almost always just don't care about any suggestions from outside sources) was the person I came into contact with after my review of the Philips LED bike light, who worked in the department of advertising/promotions. He felt it would be a good idea to gather inputs and ideas from various people, after receiving my suggestions to improve the Philips bicycle lights. See my report here.

2019: Exposure UK, Bury

I have uploaded a few videos with an interview with owner Roger on youtube already which are the more interesting I suppose, and I wrote a bit here and there about it. But:

More of my impressions of the factory tour to come.

2022: Dutch ID, 2022-11-5

After the disastrous visit to a bike store called 12gobiking, I decided to follow up on my previous suggestion of the Dutch id Phantom. I visited a bike shop close to me, they suggested to call the factory for a test ride which they give on Fridays and on first Saturdays of the month, on which also factory tours are given. We ended up going on a factory tour day on Saturday, where a tour is given I think each hour, and after this we could test ride a few bicycles. I rode one as well though I'm not interested in buying one for myself, it is just to see for myself how well it rides. I rode on the newest version of the Phantom with Bosch 75Nm middle motor, and separate cadence settings. I like the Nuvinci, eh Enviolo, with automatic transmission a lot. If I were to buy a pedelec, I would also buy such a bike. No switching gears, just pedalling.

More to come.

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