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  • Bicycle lighting analysis
    The analysis needed to understand what is good, bad, and what is needed in bicycle lamps and dynamos along with all descriptions of experiments that I did, such as LED light colour, effectiveness of lamps in the mist, difference between what you see in reality and beamshots, analysis of lighting regulations such as the German StVZO, and much more. This is my personal interest, from which came later some of the work that I do but both are independent.
    For companies: I can provide a translation in English + analysis, summaries, build suggestions, description of the approval procedure, also analysis of other standards used in/with TA, if interested email me here.
  • Bicycle lighting reviews
    Headlamps, taillamps, dynamos and some oddities (non standard lights/generators)
  • Leather saddles: Brooks, Lepper, Selle Amatomica
    Reviews, analysis, experiments with cutouts.
    I still have some Brooks saddles for sale and I do modifications on leather saddles, see HERE. I am thinking of selling Berthoud saddles instead as I can't get hold of Brooks any more except by bulk order, which I don't want to do. Is there interest? I could do my own mods of the Berthoud saddles...
  • Mini pumps
    Read here what pressure you can really achieve, not the fairy tale numbers that most manufacturers tell you which are only relevant if your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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All pictures and text made by me, except: 1. Some stock product photos, those with a pure white background (should be clear when you see them) which come from websites of manufacturers or distributors. 2. A few other types of pictures I got from a forum, manufacturer's website or from readers who sent some pictures, which I note in the text accompanying such pictures, along with a link to the original site where relevant.

If you want to use any of my stuff, for non commercial purposes, that is fine if you mention that you got it from my site... (and send me an email about it)

lightbeam theoretical by WHS Philips SLD beamshot Herrmans H-track handheld

My test bike was stolen Thursday evening 9 Aug. 2018, in NL/Leimuiden. If you see it in NL let the police know and send me a message...

Maybe it's on the way to Poland, or some such destination, but in case it stays in NL, if you see it let the police know and send me a message...

Nederlands: Cannondale fiets, type Vintage, zwart, schijfremmen, Dit is mijn testfiets, opvallend door 2 verschillende pedalen voor testen, dito 2 verschillende handvatten, 3x9 versnellingen, bijna alles is zwart, zadelpen: Descendant, zadel: Brooks b17 imperial (uitsparing in het midden) zwart, linker handvat kurk, rechter handvat leer bruin, fietscomputer: O-synce, achterdrager vervangen: was Cannondale's eigen merk (maar die was gebroken), is nu Atranvelo, Stuureinden van Ergotec, ligstuur (alleen de arm-steunen) van Ergotec, koplamp: Herrmans H-one S (met plakband waarop V2 geschreven staat, dit is de versie met neutraal wit licht), achterlamp Spanninga Solo. Continental achterband, voorband is een Compass Barlow pass 38mm vouwband (door een lezer van mijn site gestuurd om te testen/vergelijken)

English: Cannondale bicycle, type Vintage, zwart, disc brakes. This is my test bike used the last 2 years for testing lighting and pedals and grips etc. And so it sticks out by having 2 different pedals for testing, ditto 2 different grips, left grip cork, right grip leather (brown), 3x9 gears, almost everything is black, seat post: Descendant (contrary to the pics), saddle: Brooks b17 Imperial (so with cutout in the middle) in black, bike computer: O-synce, rear rack: Atranvelo (I had to replace the original rack which was Cannondale's own brand, which broke), bar ends from Ergotec, aero bar (but only the arm rests mounted) from Ergotec, headlamps: Herrmans H-one S (with tape on which I wrote V2, this is the 2nd version of the H-one S with neutral white light), taillamp Spanninga Solo. Continental rear tyre 42-622, front tyre is a Compass Barlow pass 38mm folding tyre (sent to me for testing by a reader of my site)

Numbers on the frame: 57 1 086.128 (so: 571086128) / UN...571 (can't quite make it out)

20161104_153242.jpg 20161104_153308.jpg 20180627_163856.jpg 20180627_170455.jpg Screenshot_2018-08-10-09-17-12.jpg Screenshot_2018-08-10-09-21-14.jpg

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