Various topics: 2: Anti-social behaviour from motorists in NL vs. what I saw in the UK, Poland, Ukraine

Today another nutter motorist made me write this down, no actually it was 2 of them.

I read and heard many times that motorists in the UK are so bad compared to motorists in NL, not watching out for cyclists in particular. I read in travel guides that motorists in Ukraine are so bad, riding where they may not and not paying attention to cyclists. On my travel pages you can read that I did not experience that at all, and I gave an analysis there for why there are claims of this type of behaviour, which is caused by looking at evidence with a bias and interpreting what happens through that bias, in particular treating anything slightly undesireable as confirmation of the already assumed truth which is not actually the truth. See my travel pages for more on this. I will give a summary here but also I will describe here my experiences in NL which are at least as bad as just about any videos from the UK that I watched, where cyclists complain about motorists' behaviour, well, except for nutters purposely ramming cyclists which I've not experienced, but such things happen in NL too!

Besides those examples of bad experiences, what is it like in NL and what about my experiences in other countries?

Generally in NL there are few problems, it's simply that a-hole exists in all countries. Education does help a bit in curbing anti-social behaviour, but I saw no great difference between NL, Poland, Ukraine, from experiences riding there, and observing quite a lot of behaviour of motorists at the times in Poland/Ukraine that I was not riding on a bicycle.

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