Bicycle components tests 2 (less significant smaller scale tests)

See also my channel on youtube: WHS reviews where I will re-upload some contents about bicycles from my other channel which is since August 2018, only about critical analysis of events/situations and the people responsible for them (some of those will be bicycle related).

Tests the way they should be done...

For suggestions on new topics or different parts to test, send me an email... What I would like to test, if I can fit it into other activities in 2019, is buying a Kindernay XIV hub, which has pushshifters instead of a rotary shifter with a Rohloff hub. A rotary shifter is the main reason why I do not want a Rohloff hub, nor a bike with Pinion gearbox... I've been distracted from getting a Shimano Alfine 11 in 2017/2018 because of external issues that took my time, but also because of the bad documentation for the electronic shifting version, so I may just forget about it and get the Kindernay. Price is similar to a Rohloff hub. I've seen no real reviews yet of this hub, would you be interested to see an in depth review?

The main tests about lights, leather saddles and mini pumps are updated more frequently as these topics are still of interest despite all the tests I've already done. These smaller scale tests are of less important components and I will only update the tests here when I see something really interesting or when there is a need (such as with the grips, and the bells), or if there is specific interest by enough readers of my site, in something new (send me an email to make a suggestion).

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And not a review about any specific part, but about many:

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