Log: when/whether I get replies to emails from companies

I thought this might be of interest: I'm going to keep a log of replies and non-replies to emails by companies, to see how responsive they are, also about other topics than bicycle related ones. A big issue with companies is non-replies. I've analysed this (why and how it happens) for my project to understand everything [ by now I do understand everything in that I can understand any person, I can emulate other people's thinking, I know why happens what happens in society, such as the origins of political correctness (The Frankfurt school that many mention, Rousseau's blank slate that Starkey talks about, and the actions by the USSR to subvert the USA as described by Yuri Bezmenov (alias after defecting to the USA: Tomas Schuman) are all irrelevant) ]. Here I will describe whom I emailed on what topic, at what date, and when I got a response, or not if not. I also added some information on test labs that I dealt with:

Replies updated to 2022-11-287:

As you can see, the reply rate is piss poor!

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