Velogical rim dynamos

On the main page I wrote in the section about news from manufacturers:

2013-3-3: I saw the webpage on the velogical rim dynamo long ago (I think mid 2012) but it didn't seem interesting to me because of the problems that all rim- and tyre dynamos have, so I just mention it here as a curiosity:

and in the section on dynamos that might be of interest:

The velogical rim dynamo is a curiosity. It doesn't seem too interesting to me because of possible problems in the rain, because the rubber needs to be replaced relatively quickly, and because the price is quite high at ca. € 150,-. I read about it I think mid 2012, and seems to become available summer 2013. Power output is lower than other dynamos so it doesn't comply with StVZO's 3W power output requirement at 15 km/h. My experiences with a rim-running Sanyo were not positive (1990s) in the rain, but perhaps it would be suitable as a backup solution for those who don't ride at nights often, and I presume noise won't be an issue contrary to a dynamo that runs on the tyres.

At first there was just one such dynamo, but on 2013-9-19 I revisited the page on these dynamos to create this page with a user report on the only model then made, which was the sport model (I think), and now there are 3. From the site:

Mass: ?
User serviceable: ?

Report based on an email exchange of a bicycle builder with me, about using the Velogical dynamo (original one, which is the 'Sport' it seems) which he allowed to be used for on my website.:

One of his customers agreed to test the new Velogical rim dynamo on a so called "demi-course" in French or "Halbrenner" in German, i.e. a road bike but more comfortable, with wider tyres and and some possibility to take light luggage (see the pictures).

The dynamo seems of high quality, extremely compact and light, low noise, easy to install on the bike.

The instructions for the wiring are to put a 5W bulb in parallel with the headlamp, which is supposed to lower the resistance (and the manufacturer claims the dynamo heats up less then). This gave some problems in the LED headlamp Lyt not working in some cases, it was unclear why, so he disconnected the bulb which made everything work fine.

The mounting arm seems surprisingly small and looks fragile but it does the job. Maybe there isn't that much force... The weakness in his opinion is not slipping in wet weather but rather the fact this dynamo must be very close to the rim in the off position (3-5mm) and so the wheels must be very true. Also, if this is not the case then the effect of more/less pressure on the dynamo wheel is immediately visible with the headlight's output varying from weak to strong, with each turn of the wheel..

WHS: this shows that small imperfections in the rim's trueness already make the dynamo slip a bit when it's dry...

All in all he thinks the Velogical dynamo is only suitable to demi-course bicycles that will rarely use lighting and where you don't want to use battery powered lamps.

All dynamos have flickering lights due to imperfect wheels/tires/slipping, but when you pay €150 it's more disappointing. For use in more adverse conditions and/or bikes with wider tires, a Axa HR or B+M Dymotec would be preferable.

WHS: We need to differentiate in flickering coming from the dynamo due to e.g. slipping as with sidewall dynamos, and flickering from the headlamp because of not enough power coming from the dynamo or because of the low pulsed power from dynamo hubs (some headlamps then give a burst of light, get dark again, give a burst again with low power). So the flickering here with the Velogical dynamo can be caused in 2 ways... One as mentioned above, the other caused by the headlamp which tries to give light but the dynamo doesn't provide enough at low speeds (power output of the original velogical dynamo is less than standard StVZO dynamos).

He doesn't have an opinion yet on whether it's really worth the price, but his view was that that depends on whether it's reliable, which is not yet known.

WHS: Sounds logical to me :) Though for me it would not be worth it because of the possibility of slipping already when it's dry, never mind in the rain or with snow! Note that I haven't had a report yet on how well it works in the rain...

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