Tests (and recommendations) of bicycle parts, esp. mini-pumps, dynamo lighting & leather saddles

Tests the way they should be done: thorough and asking the right questions...

New section, commentary and challenges

As I've done most of what I wanted to do and nothing new that's very different (and possibly better) has appeared in years in saddles, mini pumps and lighting, I will do something else, I'm working on projects not at all related to bicycles, but for here I have some ideas for fun: Challenge manufacturers of bicycles/bicycle products. After watching a bunch of videos on youtube, I thought it would be interesting to do some commentary on stuff that I see on youtube or elsewhere, and I will issue challenges to manufacturers:

This I placed in the following new section: WHS' commentary on stuff on the internet


Some bicycle related videos from me, along with some other stuff, here: WHS' youtube videos.

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Changes from 6 Nov. 2017:

  • Nov. 2017: 1. Removal (well, moved to here, and I have no intention to update these test) of all smaller sections such as about minitools and gears etc. as I will go back to basics, 2. Removal of all Dutch/German pages: I have not kept the pages in Dutch in sync anyway, as it costs too much work and the sales side does not support putting in a lot of work. There were only a few pages in German. 3. Separate the bicycle lighting reviews from the overviews and technical analysis. The reviews are to be linked to as 'examples' to show problems in lights/dynamos in the analysis section.
  • In 2018 I will mostly stop selling bicycle stuff (only continuing with some Brooks saddles and modifications), as there is just not enough appreciation for what I do, i.e. the sales are far too low for the effort and guidance that I give in reviews. So I will have to do something else, and possibly work with a manufacturer, though the bike industry is really reluctant for any change and not interested in suggestions for improvements or even new ideas as is shown in what has been produced the last 6 years in dynamos and headlights, which is not impressive and barely improving over what we had in 2011. That means my interest stops, unless finally some manufacturer wants to make real improvements.

The method: How to do tests the right way, including how to determine what is important for tests

The following is only of interest if you are interested in understanding people, I explain a lot of the behaviour of people related to discussions on forums, newsgroups etc.

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