Headlamps with cutoff that run on batteries that could be of interest

The reference lamp is:

Which is the best lamp for on-road use I've seen (as of summer 2011). The rest of this page was originally part of the review of the Philips LBL, but it has expanded so much that it is worth a separate page, and here I describe all lamps with cutoff that could be of interest, but that I haven't got a sample of to review.

Vienna's beamshots

Addition 2011-4-30: 'Vienna' from Japan made a series of beamshots with the camera on a tripod, see: http://photozou.jp/photo/list/214524/3815481

Update: More beamshots from Vienna, also with the Roxim RX5: http://photozou.jp/photo/list/214524/4445699

Here are Vienna's beamshots of the lamps that interest me most:

Click on the thumbnail for the original size:
Big bang, Philips LBL, Dosun D1 Bright-mode, Dosun D1 Regular-mode:

Trelock LS950 and Ixon IQ on high:

The hut is at 40m, the wall behind that at 50 m. Lampheight is 1.00m, camera height is 1.20m. Camera settings: ISO200, F3.2, 1.3s, which is about the same as my beamshots (ISO 80, F3.5, 4s). The surface is fairly light gray, probably lighter than the rough gray asphalt of road 2.

Pondering about the beamshots:

So, for me the question is still: How good are the Big bang and D1 compared to LBL? I think I need to do some tests with the cutoff of lamps against e.g. a wall at long distance as well.

Lux and lumen measurements (estimates) by Vienna

2011-5-29: Very good work by Vienna again, giving lumen output values calibrated using the known output of a given flashlight. The way this works is as follows:

So the room is essentially used as an integrating sphere which is calibrated using the torch of a type that was measured somewhere else. See Vienna's results here: 2011-5-29: Vienna's lux measurements and lumen estimates.

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