Shimano Alfine DH-S501 dynamo hub


Mass: ca. 570g (without quick release).
Construction: 28 poles, with earth on the axis. Bearings are cup & cone.
User serviceable: Yes.
Price: ca. €90

 D1 (l): 70 mm
 D2 (r): 70 mm

 Ka (l): 28 mm
 Kb (r): 20 mm

E.g. with a Rodi Skorpion 622x19mm: rim internal diameter: 595mm, rim thickness: 3mm, 36 spokes, then with a cross over 3 spoke pattern, from Sapim's page: 286 mm left (non gear side), 287 mm right (gear side).


Tested: 2016-2018: I used it for quite a while, left it outside most of the time, on a bike with headshok front fork (Cannondale Vintage). I didn't feel any vibrations with this bike (but otherwise in this respect it likely performs as the DH-3N80 with a standard steel fork due to Shimano's internal construction, though I haven't tested it yet in such a bike to confirm that 'suspicion'), the hub showed no signs of any issues despite being left in the rain often. It looks nice, heavier than the SP hubs but that's not an issue for me. Recommended.

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