Shimano XT DH-T8000-3D dynamo hub


Mass: ca. 510g (without quick release).
Construction: 28 poles, with earth on the axis. Bearings are cup & cone.
User serviceable: Yes.
Price: ca. €100

 D1 (l): 70 mm
 D2 (r): 70 mm

 Ka (l): 28 mm
 Kb (r): 20 mm

Same dimensions as the DH-S501...

E.g. with a Rodi Skorpion 622x19mm: rim internal diameter: 595mm, rim thickness: 3mm, 36 spokes, then with a cross over 3 spoke pattern, from Sapim's page: 286 mm left (non gear side), 287 mm right (gear side).


Tested: From July 2017, not that much, then a lot more since Sept. 2018 - Nov 2019:

I used it in my Cannondale touring bike with headshok (26 inch wheels, 559mm rims using 50mm tyres) so far which means the vibrations are not very noticeable as they would be on my older bike with steel fork (622mm rims and on that bike I used 37mm tyres which is the biggest size I could fit on it due to limited clearance). I found that vibrations could be felt at about 35+ km/h and sometimes at lower speed (the lowest I noticed them was at about 25 km/h), depending on the setting of the front fork (locked out or not) I've not opened it yet, but it should be possible to grease the bearings yourself. So far in use I like it, but I don't like the silver stripe that is milled out from the black anodised shell for no reason other than to have 'a racing stripe'. It detracts from the clean look it would otherwise have had, similar to the very nice look of the DHS-501. This stripe is just for decoration and means that dirt can accumulate there. Not cool... A bit lighter than the DH-S501. However:

2020-8-11: I heard bearing noise and felt play in the wheel with the T8000. When opening it up I saw on the centre lock side rust from the bearings coming out. I tried to open it further and damaged the hub shell's screwed in part (looks to be too weak, perhaps also glued?), I tried heating it up to get it loose but that didn't work so I can't get at the bearings. All the balls need to be replaced and it needs new grease. The cones are also not in great condition from this, but I will just leave them as they are. I can only replace the balls after buying Shimano's TL-DH10 tool (or perhaps a 12 sided 32mm nut will work as I saw someone do in a German video on youtube. Will that damage the nut a bit? I may try as mine is damaged anyway) This didn't happen with the DH-S501 nor the DH-3N80 which I had kept outside for far longer (years), so the seals here must be worse. I may try to fix it but I am going to replace this dynamo and I have changed my recommendation to: "Not recommended".

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