Axa Blueline 50


Blueline 50

Mass: ca. 126 g with mounting bracket and cable to dynamo and taillamp.
Size: width: ca. ? mm, height: ca. ? mm, length ca. ? mm.
Mounting width: ca. ? mm (not the standard 10mm?)
LED: ?, The LED light colour ?
On/off: The tested version uses a switch at the back which lights up blue when riding, not too bright.
Price: ca. € 45,-


See also the Bicycle lamp size page for comparison pictures with other headlamps.


2s and 4 s exposure time:
RX100_15048__axa_blueline_50_2s.jpg RX100_15049__axa_blueline_50_4s.jpg


Axa Blueline 50: Fairly good for riding fast, but it has a huge strong hotspot a few metres from the bike (which is the bright spot at the bottom of the beam shot) which is quite bad, distracting and means you don't see as well with it as you could without that hotspot.


Works reasonably well, the big hotspot near the front wheel spoils it. Design and bike mount are quite good, esp. for the price.

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