Herrmans H-black pro

Mass: 108 g with mount.

Pictures and beamshots: Not yet made.

Overview, extract from what I wrote in the updates:

2017-5-23: Initial impressions of the Axendo 60 XDAS (auto on/off and daytime lights) and Herrmans H-black pro, from a 10km ride with these lamps and a comparison with the Trelock LS906 and the Saferide 80 (the last version, neutral white): on the H-black pro it says 1.3W. WTF? Is this for the stupid 1.5W DIN standard? Why not the normal 2.4W? I measured the lamp on my DC power supply and it was 0.22A at 6V (Axendo 60 almost 0.5A at 6V!), this agreed with the 1.3W. By just going for the normal standard it could have produced much more light, unless the cutoff limit of 2 lux is already reached at this power output with this lens/LED combination. The light output is reasonable, unfortunately cool white. You see colour fringing at the start (typical from diffraction by a lens), and it has 3 sections, 3 cones starting off at ca. 1.5m from the front wheel. The beam is wide but not where it's most useful. It doesn't work for tight cornering. The H-black pro lets too much light go towards the rider and when you are riding in an aerodynamic position it becomes even worse, a lot of light goes, direct as from an almost point source to your eyes. It is if looking at a non-diffuse 5mm LED close up, it's bad, really bad, you need to make a shroud or put tape on the upper part of the lens if you want to do fast riding at night. Don't these people test their own lamps? The on/off switch on the H-black pro is fairly heavy going, it has a crappy plasticy feel too, there is no comparision with the switch on the Edelux or with the even better switch on the Bidi. Herrmans mentions automotive technology in the beam, well, most beams from car headlamps are quite poor and this beam is not really better. Nowhere near optimal.

2017-5-29: Final testrides with the H-black pro and Axendo 60: Direct comparison with the Saferide 60 neutral white shows that the Saferide 60 neutral white is the best, followed by the Axendo. The beam of the H-black pro is poor, overexposure from ca. 7m to a bit further on. The annnoyance from the colour fringing, the light going upward into your eyes, all in all makes me say "not recommended".

This lamp is sold in a 'hochwertiger holzbox' as a German distributor calls it... WTF for? I'm never going to use that small wooden box for anything! Cardboard is fine, thank you.

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