Roxim D6

On the main page I originally wrote in the section about headslamps that might or might not be of interest:

Roxim D6 (2012): Looks interesting, but I had no response from Roxim to enquiries to buy one. Fine, I won't test one then.

But a reader of my site sent me his Roxim D6 to test, which had some issues with the electronics. Well, it seems to work fine so far the only thing I noticed was sometimes a very short duration (much less than 1 second) in which there was no light output. Perhaps Roxim needs to do some work on the electronics?


Roxim D6

Mass: ca. 140 g with cable to dynamo and taillamp.
Size: width: ca. 68.2 mm, height: ca. 84 mm, length ca. 64 mm (in orientation as used on the bike).
Mounting width: ca. 10 mm
LED: 1 power LED and 2 fairly bluish 5mm LEDs for standlight and 'to be seen. LED light colour: Perhaps neutral white, need to check.
On/off: Switch at the back to choose off, on.
Price: ca. € 48,- (hard to find, but for EU, you can buy them at for example:


Roxim D6

See also the Bicycle lamp size page for comparison pictures with other headlamps.

Beamshot (0.75m mounting height)

2s and 4s exposure time:
RX100_15042__roxim_d6_2s.jpg RX100_15043__roxim_d6_4s.jpg

Roxim D6: Good beam. A bit strange close to the bike, but at least not overexposed there which is one of the worst problems for bicycle lamps. Best throw of all dynamo headlamps, I can see about 50m with it (at least, when mounted on the handlebar at 1.05m, not sure about 0.75m, will check how much difference this makes), with other lamps it ends at about 45m.
Note: The beamshot was made with lamp mounted at 0.75m height, I liked it better at 1.05m in action (which it was also designed for or at least meant for), but I forgot to make such a beamshot. Next time...


This lamp surprised me in a good way. I tried it on still wet roads from rain, and I could see 50m far with it, incredible, but perhaps because of the light colour, I had seen the different light colour of the 2 LEDs to the side (I think they serve mainly as lights to be seen) which are bluish (cool white) and the LED in the centre for the main beam which is yellowish. Is it neutral white? It's definitely good, it works. This lamp is a relief after trying the B&M Avy and Eyc, which are just poor. It doesn't suffer from the issue of tending to aim it too high which happens with certain beamshapes. The light near the bike is a bit strange but perhaps useful in slow climbs? I will experiment with a shroud soon to limit light to the sides. The lamp needs to be mounted in a non-aerodynamical position, not as it is shown on the website! I don't understand why Roxim didn't reply to my email long ago, I quite like this lamp. It's not as big a beam as the Luxos, and of course it doesn't come close to the Saferide 80, but the beam is very good, and the main section is very smooth, no artefacts there, just near the front wheel. I will ride more with it on dry roads soon and compare with a few other headlamps.

The beam is fairly dark from the front wheel to the main part of the beam which I estimate is about 8-9 m from the front wheel. It's not dark, just much darker than that main beam... The beam lights up road 4 plus a bit on the sides, and reach when dry is about 50-55 m, so it's quite good for people who ride fast. The light colour looks to be neutral white, I will compare with the Saferide 60-neutral and my neutral white flashlights soon.

Conclusion, preliminary

If you can get your hands on one, and it the electronics hold up, then it's a pretty good lamp, better than the Edelux, Edelux-2013, which have a similar beamshape suitable for fast riding (but reach and width of the Edelux' beam is a little smaller).

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