Spaninga Axendo 40 XDAS (dynamo, auto on/off)

Mass: 78 g with mount.

StVZO approval: K1322

Pictures and beamshots: Not yet made.

2018-1-29: Initial impressions of the Axendo 40 XDAS (auto on/off): Small, but not as stupidly small as B&M's pathetic Avy and Eyc headlamps). Looks nice.

2018-2-23: Finally a testride with the Axendo 40 XDAS headlamp. It's really cheap (ca. €25,-), small, light weight and has a good beam for normal circumstances. It does not properly light up bends, but then that's true for just about all bicycle lamps. It lets just about no light go directly towards the rider, good! Also not much light on the fender, good! Light colour is cool white, that's bad, it should be neutral white. This is my favourite low cost lamp. For those who ride a lot at night on unlit roads, or fast (say 30 km/h) I'd recommend a Axendo 60 or Roxim D6 first.

Beamshots to come at a later date.

Conclusion: Recommended as a cheap headlamp with good beam and a housing that seems quite sturdy. If you don't need high lux headlamp (which is esp. useful if you ride fast at night and/or on unlit roads).

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