Spaninga Axendo 60 XDAS (dynamo, auto on/off)

Mass: 134 g with mount.

Pictures and beamshots: Not yet made.

Overview, extract from what I wrote in the updates:

2017-5-23: Initial impressions of the Axendo 60 XDAS (auto on/off and daytime lights) and Herrmans H-black pro, from a 10km ride with these lamps and a comparison with the Trelock LS906 and the Saferide 80 (the last version, neutral white): The Axendo 60's beam is almost the same as the Saferide 60, and like most manufacturers have gone with cool white which is not so good though the advantages of neutral white become clearer at higher light levels. It seems a little more diffuse close to you (esp. the artefacts). Testing riding through tight bends, the artefacts can actually be used to see the bend and beside the road, it is when doing this, the best headlamp so far for in that respect. The beam is nice and fairly even, but as with the original Saferide 60 it has overexposure on the tyre. Despite that, after riding with the Axendo 60 I didn't like it when I went back to riding with the LS906, due to the narrower beam of the LS906 and the too many artefacts close to the bike, so the Axendo 60 may become the daily use lamp on my main bike. The Axendo 60 is, for the price of about €45,-, very good in just about all respects. But I would have liked to have seen a lot more light output from headlamps in 2017!

2017-5-29: Final testrides with the H-black pro and Axendo 60: Direct comparison with the Saferide 60 neutral white shows that the Saferide 60 neutral white is the best, followed by the Axendo. The Axendo 60 XDAS has auto on/off and DRL and is much cheaper than the Saferide 60 was, but still, it's not better than the almost 7 year old Saferide 60...

Oh, and I noticed the DRL didn't seem to work on my Axendo XDAS (but I gave it to a friend, perhaps I will check some other time what is going on or that it was a problem in this one that I tested).

For beamshots see the Saferide 60, there is no change...

Conclusion: Recommended, but it's disappointing that in the last 7 years there has been no progress...

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