Spanninga Axendo 60 battery powered USB rechargeable headlamp

2018-3-15: Axendo 60 USB rechargeable and Xanes SFL-01 (from compared on several rides along with the Bidi dynamo headlamp in neutral white and Philips Saferide 80 neutral-white: The Xanes SFL-01 is very small and gives a lot of light but not 600lm as the site says but from my estimation ca. 200-250 lm, and from current measurements it must be ca. 180-220 lm.

The Saferide 80 blows all of them out of the water, but the Axendo 60 is nice enough, not expensive at ca. EUR 55,- and has a very long runtime. I don't like how hard you need to press the button to switch it on. All of the Saferide 80s that I used have a much nicer easily clickable button, but on the Axendo 60 it is heavy going just like the button on the Elips taillamp that I also don't like, and which again the original Philips Lumiring didn't have.

More to come.

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