Bidi triple LED headlamp

Specs will be added soon.

This is not a lamp I would normally use in NL, but I am considering this lamp for use in parts where there's less streetlighting, more bad roads and/or roads through areas with for example trees so that a symmetric beam can be useful to evade branches and get a more relaxed feeling while riding on roads you may not be familiar with. This is for example the case for people making long travels with bicycle through various countries. I wanted to try this aspect in August-September in Poland and Ukraine, but my trip got cut short and I still haven't got enough experience with this lamp under those types of conditions (there is too much street lighting and not enough wild nature in NL!)

The on-off switch of this lamp is fantastic, the nicest I've ever seen on any bike lamp. You just rotate it such that the green bulb (which is not illuminated by the way) is on top, rotating red on top switches it off. You can rotate in any direction, it moves freely. The cable to the dynamo is also superb, the nicest I've seen so far in any headlamp. It shows how much the designer of the lamp looks at all details and tries to make it as good as he can. If you want a symmetric beam lamp, why not get this one instead of Supernova? Less cost, and a better product...

The lamp is very well made and delivers a good amount of light (stronger version to come soon), but as per my tests from 2010 which were confirmed in all later tests I did, a symmetric beam can not easily get the throw of a beam with cutoff, and this is an issue you must keep in mind.

F4 ISO200 2s and 4s exposure shots using a Sony RX-100 camera:

I suppose I should do a review of this alongside a new version of Kerry's headlamp and the only other symmetric beam dynamo headlamp that seems to be good, namely the Exposure Revo Mk1.

More to come...


This is a low volume light made with a lot of work, and yet the designer is interested not so much in making a lot of money, and is willing to sell it about €70,- which I think is rather low. Such a price would be great for anyone who wants such a symmetric type light and it would mean you should could buy a good lamp with cutoff beside it and still not go broke, and mount that too and switch between them (a good waterproof switchbox would be nice for this, hmm...). If he sticks to that price it would be unbeatable in value for money. Are you interested? Send me an email...

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