Brooks B17, whs mod (oval cutout, middle lacing)

I made this as an experiment to see what difference an oval cutout makes compared to the imperial cutout, and if the higher placed lacing works as I expect, which is: That it will mean the cutout keeps its width better over a long time, and that you can have a more comfortable ride, as with the standard B17, because the sides being able to flare out with the B17 is why the saddle can absorb shocks better, there is more room to deform.

Experiences since early 2015: It performs almost as I wanted/expected. The cutout will become a bit narrower with looser lacing (looser lacing gives the saddle a softer feel as with the Selle Anatomica). It is better than the B17 imperial so far, and I've used it quite a lot... Still, how it might change after a long time, say 5000km, is not sure yet.

Addition 2020-1-25: In my experience the exact shape of the cutout, imperial or oval doesn't matter, they both work. I'm not sure why at the time of introduction Brooks settled exactly on the imperial shape, they mentioned having tested many shapes, but it seems that the details don't matter as long as enough is cutout to remove pressure from the soft tissues, i.e. to let you sit on yout sitbones and only to a small degree on your soft tissues.

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