Axa Blueline 30


Blueline 30

Mass: ca. 72 g with mounting bracket and cable to dynamo and taillamp.
Size: width: ca. ? mm, height: ca. ? mm, length ca. ? mm.
Mounting width: ca. ? mm (not the standard 10mm?)
LED: ?, The LED light colour ?
On/off: The tested version uses a switch at the back which lights up blue when riding, not too bright.
Price: ca. € 20,-


See also the Bicycle lamp size page for comparison pictures with other headlamps.

Axa Blueline 30 beamshot

2s and 4 s exposure time:


RX100_15044__axa_blueline_30_2s.jpg RX100_15045__axa_blueline_30_4s.jpg

It is too bright close to the bike, unless you aim too high (see following beamshots) but then you blind oncoming traffic. This makes it already: Not recommended.


RX100_15046__axa_blueline_30_aimed_too_high_2s.jpg ../lichtbundel/2015-10-29/RX100_15047__axa_blueline_30_aimed_too_high_4s.jpg
Axa Blueline 30: Aimed too high, this is how people will tend to aim it because of the bad/blurry cutoff. Not good!


The lamps overexposes the near field, it is hard to aim properly because the cutoff is not very good (needs to be sharper and/or wider with not much varying brightness at the same height on wallshot).


Cheap and looks nice, but problematic in aiming, this sort of problem should be actually taken care of by the approval procedure (StVZO/TA) of lamps and then not allowed...

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