Gears Various transmission types tested and compared + optimal gears determined

Gear step size, average speed with systems with limited gears vs. many gears

Reviews of internally geared hubs and gear boxes

Some related topics

Future tests

I wanted to try out a Rohloff and Alfine 11 for a long time and I finally did that in 2022 and 2023 so that takes care of those systems, but here is a listing of other possibly interesting systems:

Old plans

2016-2-4: I want to do a review on a long tour this Summer of one or more of the following: Shimano Alfine 11 gear (range 4.09x, with standard or electronic shifting (Di2)), Rohloff 14 gear (range 5.25x) (I only had limited experience with it so far), Pinion 18 gear (range ca. 6.00x) with belt drive.

2019-7-6: Lots of things got in the way of buying something new, and in the end I decided that there are too many issues with the Alfine 11, i.e it is mechanically not robust enough and the electronic variant has too many issues with cables, updating software and far too high prices for every little cable, switch etc. I got interested in the Kindernay 14 gear hub which contrary to the Rohloff hub comes with push shifters instead of a godawful rotary shifter...

Since 2019-7-16 other work got in the way and when I was finally ready to buy a Kindernay hub in 2022 it was unavailable.

2021-8-26: I will finally get round to testing something new soon, it will be a Rohloff and/or Kindernay hub.

2022-7-1: I bought a 2nd hand bike with Rohloff hub (finally) a week ago, and I dislike the shifter more than I imagined from having tried one briefly long ago. I will place this in new rohloff section linked to above. The Kindernay hub is going to be the next one I will try out, finally. Should be much better with push shifters and hydraulic shifting (which I suggested to Jack Brandsen also in 2008 to use on the Nuvinci...)

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