Philips Lumiring, dissection

See also the other dissection page of the dynamo version of the Lumiring.

I got a detailed report about a failed Lumiring (battery version), with pictures some time later that I show on this page. The flexible backplate seems a problem as I suspected, but in this case due to the rear mounting plate (rear rack) onto which the taillamp is mounted not being completely flat... So you must make sure the mounting plate is not curved otherwise there could be a problem with water getting into the lamp, which then collects at the bottom in the switch and that's where it failed. Most taillamps are not completely waterproof but have holes in them to allow water to drain away. Perhaps it's an option to drill some holes at the bottom, though the batteries might get corroded over time. More to come.

Click on the thumbnail images for a big image:
Assembled.jpg Battery_compartment,_ciruit_board_and_diffuser.jpg Battery_compartment_(circuit_board_side).jpg Battery_compartment_and_circuit_board.jpg Circuit_board,_diffuser_and_reflector.jpg Circuit_board_(LED_side).jpg Circuit_board_(battery_side).jpg Diffuser_with_circuit_board.jpg LED_diffuser.jpg Circuit_board_(battery_side)_with_comments.jpg

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