Taillamp: Union 4470 battery powered, fender mounted


StVZO approval no: K1326
Mass: 38 g (with washer and nut), and 60 g with the rechargeable batteries.
Size: 39.0 mm width, 65.7 mm height, 40.3 mm thickness.
Light source: 1 red LED.
Mounting method: On the rear fender.
Construction: Plastic, housing can be opened for batteries, but the section with the optic is glued, with stainless steel bolt + nut + washer + housing bolt.

Versions: 4470 for battery/rechargeable batteries, 4375 for dynamo.
Price: ca. € 10,- with rechargeable batteries, EUR 9,- with alkaline batteries.

Note that there is a version for dynamo, the 4375. I chose to test the battery version first because I figured that being able to open it for the batteries might mean access to the electronics/optics without damaging it. As the optics are not good enough, I will not review the dynamo version.


Beam shots

See the camera settings page for more on the setup and settings to make pictures of the beams of taillamps.

Out of a corner (showing how much light is cast upwards, forwards and to the sides) [ F3.9 & F1.8 ]:

Wallshot (showing the beam pattern):

Visibility from various angles (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) [ 0.5m, zoom x3, F3.5, ISO80, 1/250s & 1/60s ]:

Comparing taillamps



The optics are essential for any bicycle lamp, and in that respect it fails quite badly. It has a very strong point source of light, which is very bad for a proper taillamp. Power use?. The construction is good, the mounting hardwars is all stainless, also good. Switch is protected from moisture with rubber cap.

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