Rear lamp: Basta Ray LED

Note: The company Basta was bought in 2000 by Axa, and they seem to be phasing out the name Basta. For example, the 'Axa Riff' used to be the 'Basta Riff'. I will use the original name.


StVZO approval no: K257 + K414
Mass: 74 g (without any washers/nuts).
Size: 114 mm width, 67 mm height, 50 mm thickness.
Light source: 1 red LED, with slightly opaque LED housing which diffuses most of the light (except straight to the rear, which then is bundled by a small lens on the inside of the housing).
Mounting method: On the rear rack, 50 mm or 80 mm bolt distance (centre to centre). To change the bolt distance you need to open up the lamp.
Cabling/connectors: There are 2 clamp connectors for bare wires.
Price: ca. € 5,-


Beam shots

See the camera settings page for more on the setup and settings to make pictures of the beams of taillamps.

Out of a corner (showing how much light is cast upwards, forwards and to the sides) [ F3.9 & F1.8 ]:

Wallshot (showing the beam pattern):

Visibility from various angles (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) [ 0.5m, zoom x3, F3.5, ISO80, 1/250s & 1/60s ]:

Comparing taillamps


Annoying for following traffic until which distance?: > 25m
Visibility: ?
Visibility by reflection: To be tested.
Ease of connecting wires: Simlpe for bare wires, a bit better perhaps than the original Basta ray although corrosion will be more of a problem. There is no provision for 2.8 mm plugs.

Design- and thus review considerations for taillamps

See Theory for taillamps.


Single LED as a point source, the LED's output is diffused but not spread out over a larger re-emitting area. So it stays a point source and gets too bright at close range for following traffic. Distance estimation is also impossible because of the point source. The clamp connectors are rubbish. Not recommended.

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